My Youtube Channel is growing! We’ve reached a community of 50 Subs!

I hit 50 subscribers a few days back and i’ve wanted to say something. I’m really appreciative of the people that are willing to support my antics and are interested to see what I’m up to and how far I go with my hobbies. So, I put this video together to express how cool this is the best way I know how.

I’d love to do giveaways and a lot of cool stuff with this channel. I have tons of ideas, so i’d love to see this thing grow. Let me know what you like and what you like seeing from me. I really enjoy vlogging and learning to edit video has always been something i’ve been into. This allows me to kinda get all those creative outlets going. Plus building cars and getting all my friends involved has been a giant plus throughout.

Anyways, enjoy and thanks and here’s to 100 Subscribers.


Hey guys if you’re interested in what I use to make videos I made a list below


Main Camera:
Second Camera:
Second lens:
SD Cards:

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Instagram: @Hondavlogs
Twitter: @Hondavlogs

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●DJ Quads – Sunny –
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