Honda Fit/Jazz Chassis and Engine Education Part 1 of 2



Have you ever seen a Honda Fit roll down the street and wonder anything about that car or it’s Chassis? I know I have and during the 4th Annual True Fit Crew meet that I went to, I was able to sit down with Tyler Colgett and True Honda Fit enthusiast. I wanted to learn all i could about the Chassis codes, Engines and cool one of things that came within this Honda package. Tyler has spent much of his time tuning and racing the Honda Fit/Jazz and has a very good understanding of it’s history and potential.

Part 1: Chassis and slight engine breakdown and Racing of this platform
Part 2: More talking about L series motors and the future swaps

Over the course of this two part series we went over a really high level synopsis of the Honda Fit/Jazz Chassis through generations and engine types from different parts of the world. This was new to me since i’m a big fan of Honda yet never owned a Fit myself. I’ve always been in the Civic world, it was really fun and educational to sit down with some true Fit loyalists and learn a little about there scene.

We covered the GD and GE series Honda Fit/Jazz and an assortment of L series engines.

You can find Tyler’s youtube Channel here: (Racing footage)
Social Media:
IG: TPColgett

Thanks for watching, just wanted to share this with everyone!

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