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Avatar Christian Perez | November 14, 2017 5 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings

This week I’m covering a few things from the past few weeks to get up to date with the program and showcase some of the channels I truly enjoy. The content they produce is great and the cars that are shown are built with passion. This will be a recurring theme moving forward.

LATommyLA: (didn’t realize your last name was La… so makes sense it’s not L-A tommy it’s la-tommy-la I know how to say your name now man.

Honda Street Garage –

Youngstatic –

Adam Ivell – 6TWO1

Chris Sadowski –

BoostedBoiz –

Zosh –

Diiviine –


therubdoctor –

Vtecclubusa –

Written by Christian Perez