The Honda Recap Show! Episode 60: Lets Talk 2018!

Avatar Christian Perez | January 1, 2019

The Honda Recap Show! Episode 60: Lets Talk 2018!

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Welcome to The Honda Recap Show! A weekly show that will cover whats been going on in the Youtube world of Hondas! The channel and show are primarily Honda based. Let’s build the Honda community back up!

Whats cracking guys?!

Tomorrow marks Recap #60 and also the last Recap of the year! A lot has happened this year for myself and many of you guys here on youtube. This recap will be a little different. I won’t have videos it’s just you and me talking about only some of the cool things and amazing achievments of some select creators. I’ll be honest, I can’t squeeze everyone in, there have been so many people who have joined the Hondaverse this year. I want to get to everyone but to keep this a tidy as possible I picked a select few. I ask of you straight out, don’t take any offense if you’re not mentioned, thats why I made the recap weekly. I know there are so many of you pushing yourselves and abilities to max to build your cars and also produce content to show people your work.

I wanted the recap to be something everyone can be a part of and it’s grown so much this year. I couldn’t be happier with all the support thats been given to me and channel. It’s really pushed me to want to bring more for the community for 2019! I hope you all will continue to support the Recap this coming year. I have many more ideas and things I want to bring. We hit 5k subs this year and I really want to hit 10k before mid year!

Thank you to everyone who’s supported the channel! Every sticker and shirt just pushes us further along with making the channel grow. I have so many idea for the Del Sol and I promise to being the EF back to the channel. (I have big plans)

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Written by Christian Perez