What is your favorite Honda Chassis?

Avatar Christian Perez | January 2, 2019

Whats Crackin guys?!
Wanted to start out this new year going back to asking questions. starting off with with whats your favorite Honda Chassis and why? I would pick the Del Sol or the EF hatch because i just love the ones I have and they bring so much joy to drive. EG and EF chassis are the classics.

Also, got more work done on the Del Sol, we’re almost there guys but I do in fact want to take my time and not rush something. I’ve learned this is actually a lot of work for the time i have, i don’t in fact want to rush this. I doubt i’ll be pulling everything again just to paint again. Swap probably but to paint prob not haha.

Also, thumbnail is an old pic of my Del Sol at the Sacramento Raceway..so former glory just wanted to use, not clickbait haha

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Written by Christian Perez