How loud is 95Db? California’s (AB)1824 Law and what it means for you

Avatar Christian Perez | January 10, 2019

How loud is 95Db? California’s (AB)1824 Law and what it means for you

Wanted to give some insight on what is 95Db’s using an exhaust that is known to be loud. Hopefully you can use this a jump off point to see where you stand and what the law actually means. The is a lot of controversy on if the $1000 fine is real or what happens at State Ref. I thought I would actually take a few Db readings for examples.

CA Exhaust sound laws:
CA Emissions AB 1824

Taken from @greddykenji on Instagram:

“So… I have been speaking to the good people over at SEMA regarding this AB 1824 and working on clarifying the all the confusion so that we all can provide better information to our friends and customers. .
As of right now, the California Vehicle Code VC27151 calls out the SAE test procedure J1169 which is outdated and “inadequate” for some moderns cars. J1169 is a legacy test procedure and the updated SAE standard is J1492. SEMA is working towards updating the legislation to amend the statute. .
if your exhaust system meet the updated SAE J1492 standards, it should not be in violation of the Exhaust Noise law (unless proven by proper authorities that the exhaust system does in fact result in excessive noise over the 95 decibels under the SAE test standards)
The confusing part is that the current VC 27510 & 27151 does not recognize the current SAE J1492 test procedure that replaced the J1169 so BAR cant provide the proper test results to show compliance to the J1169 on recent vehicles. this is what SEMA is trying to update with State of California. .
You might still get a ticket from these officers that may not fully know or understand the details of the VC they are issuing, (yeah sucks but that’s the reality) but if the vehicle was not operated in violation, court may dismiss the case. IT IS NOT AN AUTOMATIC $1000 FINE! PEOPLE!! so breath and relax…
We will also update our test procedure to this current SAE J1492 standards for our exhaust systems and update our information online as soon as possible.
We will keep you updated. .
** I am not a lawyer and this is not a legal advise, just sharing some information I have been receiving with you guys**”

Written by Christian Perez