Hanging out at the 4th Annual True Fit Crew Meet

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4th Annual True Fit Crew Meet Fresno, CA
What is cracking guys! I had the chance to hang out with a a lot of Honda Fits at the 4th Annual True Fit Crew Meet. My friend Jose gave me a heads up that I should come down and just take a fun cruise and hang out with some really cool people.

I had a blast learning about the whole Fit Chassis and seeing what the Fit Scene was all about. It was really fun to learn and hang out with some true OG's of the community that have been doing this for while now. This was definitely a very welcoming group and there was many more than just Fits at the show. They even brought a giant pot of PHO and everyone was able to make their own bowl for lunch! How often does that happen at a park?

I'll definitely being keeping in touch and thank you so much for the opportunity to hang out with a fun group of people! I have much more footage that I can share and will be later, I had to cut this down a bit to really capture my day. If you're interested in seeing more of the show and all the cars that attended please leave a comment, like and share!

I'd love to hear about your cars and other meets you've been to with the True Fit Crew!

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