Japanese Supercar Cruise from Milpitas to Treasure Island 4-23-2017

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Japanese Supercar Cruise from Milpitas to Treasure Island 4-23-2017 San Francisco Bay Area

I spent the day with some of the craziest NSX's, Supra's, Rx7's and many other Supercars from the 90's.

They all gathered in Milpitas and drove to Treasure Island in San Francisco. I love that I was able to just attend such a meet. We drove around in my friend Stoyans' Supercharged Audi R8 for the cruise to Treasure Island. I was with some of the finest Supra's, NSX's, S2000's, Trueno's, BMW's and many more cars for spirited drive up some of California's scenic drives.

Cars coming from around the country to this cruise, it was bound to be one crazy day. Japanese car groups were notified between Honda, Mazda and Toyota. These groups brought out some of the cleanest and most rare vehicles people could see. You never see these cars on the road and you wonder where they're hiding and suddenly parking lot of unicorns appears.

I'm very fortunate to live in the San Francisco Bay Area and able to attend meets like these. It is incredibly rare to have meets like these with such respectful people. There was no non-sense since a large amount of the owners are older. Who kept their cars in mint to tuned condition. These were some respectful enthusiasts that wanted a solid fun yet short day of just hanging out with their fellow car friends!

You can find Stoyan's channel here for more footage and a video from his perspective:

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