The bi-annual Bay Area, Japanese Super Car Cruise 10-22-2017

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Welcome to the Annual Japanese Super Car Cruise!

This is the second cruise of the bi-annual meet of the Japanese 90's Super Cars here in the California Bay Area. This is a semi-private event for the owners of the Classic 90's super cars of the past! These include Honda NSX's, Mazda RX-7 and Toyota Supras. The meet is not limited to just these cars many Honda S2000's arrived in all build from Stance to fully track ready weapons.

These meets wouldn't be complete without the massive presence of the R35 GTR's that are seeded throughout the Bay Area car scene. Many arriving in massive kits with extraordinary presence.

The crowd is very friendly and welcoming to everyone that arrives. The Treasure Island police were weary of the amount of cars but after a look at the quality of cars and respectfulness of the owners we were allowed to stay. The meet and cruise is only a few hours from the starting point to the time to leave. The community is of the older generation and 1st owners of these majestic vehicles. The younger crowd that is coming into the "Classic" scene are what we'd call hardcore enthusiast and keep the cars in respectful conditions.

In my opinion, you can still tell who the "keep it original" groups are to the "show car scene". Although, These 90's Japanese cars hold a respect of their own and no matter what group you fall into. The Vehicle demands the respect it deserves. The wheel choices to the exterior modifications are very tasteful no matter what avenue you take.

All in all, this was another great gathering! I'm super excited I was able to capture and be apart of this event. Hope to see all these cars and their owners again next year! -- --

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